Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Music Revolution

It's not here, yet. But I see it coming.

Yes, I can feel in coming in the air...
Thank you, Phil Collins.

The boys both earned small, personal radios with earbuds through a scouting activity.
They have enjoyed taking them along on road trips and trying to find different radio stations as we pass through different cities.

They have been pleasant new toys.

Very quiet.
Very personal.


For Christmas, someone very kindly gave each boy his own transistor radio. Very nice.
But, since there is no where to plug in their ear buds, and they can't hear them very well in a moving vehicle, they haven't done much with them.

Today, as both boys dug through a bucket of Legos, the 9-year-old found his transistor radio buried in the bottom. He started to fiddle with it, traveling up and down the dial until the 12-year-old declared, "Oh! That's a good song!"

It was some soft rock hit.

He didn't really mean that it was a good song.
He only meant that he recognized it.

And he recognized it because that's the only kind of music they have heard so far.
The husband and I have this really lame system of tuning all the radios in the house to the same station so as you walk from room to room, you hear the same song throughout. Yes, it's poor man's surround sound.
A kind of peaceful, all-encompassing surround sound with everything playing to the same beat.

It's the only kind of music the boys have really heard a lot of.

So far.

And there they sat on the livingroom floor.
Radio tuned to Mom and Dad's old rock station.
The two of them bobbing their heads and singing what few words they knew.
Sharing their tunes instead of listening in private.

It was very sweet.
Music to my ears.

But I realize that very soon, they'll develop different tastes.
"Hey, listen to this!" one will say to the other.
And eventually they'll be playing something different on at least one radio, bobbing their heads to a different beat.
And our happy little surround sound system will be rendered useless.

A change in the family rhythm.

A sour note in the harmony.

I'll enjoy the music as long as it lasts.


Mrs. Who said...

Believe me, you won't WANT to hear their music.

Tink said...

Or maybe you will.....

Roses said...

Please, please, please don't let it be rap!

I can take new age, maybe even grunge, but rap is just so... easily cheap and talentless.
(There is talent, yes, but it's too easy to breed no talent wannabes.)


wRitErsbLock said...

Heh. We put my old stereo into 10 year old step-daughter's room in January. For Christmas, grandma gave her the CD she way DYING to have (Hannah Montana, whoever that is). We immediately had to set the volume rule, as she would turn her teeny bopper cd on in her bedroom, crank it, and them come out to the living room to be with us. Uh, no. That's why you have an iPod (shuffle) with headphones.

Fortunately, she prefers the iPod over the stereo (after we put her new cd onto her iPod. Headphones are a wonderful thing.

Roses said...

writersblock: Wow! She still wants to hang with the 'rents! You guys must rock! ;)

wRitErsbLock said...

I think it's because we're only part time parents. And compared to her maternal unit and the idiot she married, we're definitely the cooler parents. And, truth be told, I firmly believe if her maternal unit gave her a choice, she'd choose to live with us.

I hope it is always thus.