Thursday, February 22, 2007

Donuts everyday

(I thought that would get your attention!)

Sitting around work this week, eating donuts and drinking warm beverages.
Co-worker, who is on a strict diet of lettuce and cottage cheese, walks in and bemoans the fact that we are eating treats while he is not allowed to.

"But I'm being good," he insists. "I'm not like those old guys down at Donut Chain every morning. Sitting there all morning with nothing to do but drink coffee and stuff their faces. I see them there everyday. Just sitting..."

By now, the rest of us have stopped chewing our pastries and are stealing glances at each other.

"Those guys are there every morning?" I ask.

"EVERY morning!" co-worker declares.

"Same guys?" someone else asks.

"SAME guys!" he says.

Blink, blink.

We are waiting for him to hear what he has said.
But he doesn't.

"You DO realize, that if you know those same guys are there every morning, it's because you are there every morning?"

Stunned silence.

"Aw, damn."


Lemon Stand said...

LOL! Hung by his own petard. :o)

Roses said...

I had to look up "petard", but yes, he did! :)