Monday, February 19, 2007

"As you know..."

Why does this phrase tick me off so much?

"As you know..."

Well, no, I don't know.
That's probably why I asked.

"As you know..."

Assuming I pay as much attention to your life as you do.
Which I don't. Sorry. Luv ya, but, no.

"As you know..."

With the unspoken how many times do I have to tell you behind it.
Well, tell me again. I wasn't taking notes.

"As you know..."

It's not so much the words as the tone of voice with which this phrase is usually spoken.

Today, I was "reminded" by a friend the circumstances surrounding her childhood.

"As you know..." she said. How dare you forget, she implied.

Well, as she knows, how dare she forget, I hadn't known her as a child.
So, no, I didn't know.

Assume nothing.
More importantly, assume *I* know nothing. Because I probably don't.

Which is probably why I asked in the first place!


Tink said...

As you know..... (sorry couldn't help myself).

Lemon Stand said...

Ah yes, a pet peeve. Fortunately I have rarely been served up this phrase, but you are absolutely right. How annoying. :o)

Richmond said...

Yeepers. As you know, I didn't do it on purpose... ;-)

Sorry - I couln'd help it either.

Mrs. Who said...

My step-grandmother (who would put the step-grandchildren's Christmas presents across the room on a shelf instead of under the tree with the 'real' grandchildren's gifts) used to say, "Now let me tell you something" and it used to really, really irk me...but at least it was up front 'you don't know so let me inform you', instead of snide...

Roses said...

Mrs. Who: Ooo! I think your step-granny and my MIL grew up together. I got the let me tell you something line a lot from her. It's related to the I'm gonna teach you a lesson family.


Bob said...

I like your writing!