Monday, January 08, 2007

Things I DON'T miss about living with the Mother-In-Law

1) Hearing her tell me what tragedy will soon strike my children. Because she taught so many handicapped students, she could spot one a mile away.
"How long has he been rubbing his eyes? He could be losing his sight, you should watch that."
Or, it could be because it's bedtime and he's tired.
"Is he limping? Keep an eye on that limp, his spine is probably out of alignment, and he'll go lame."
Or, he's got his shoe on only halfway because he thinks that's funny.

2) Being cursed daily with old age.
"You know, one day you'll be old, too!"

3) Getting the third degree about what's in my trash.
"Are you taking that out? What's in there? You can't throw that out! You can use it for this, this and this..."

4) Hiding my trash in the garbage can so she doesn't fish it out again and leave it on the stairs for me.
"I found that in the garbage. I think one of the boys might have thrown it out by mistake, so I saved it for you."

There will be more.
I'll continue the list in future posts.


Anonymous said...

You don't miss those thing? Lol :) your one strong woman, to deal with those things in the first place.

Richmond said...

Good grief... You still have the bigges baddest trump card. ;-)

Mrs. Who said...

You are a far better person than I to have dealt with it for so long...she would have woken up with trash spilled all down the stairs to the basement.

Anonymous said...

Where was Mr Rosie when you M-I-L was being rude?

Roses said...

Darin, Darin, Darin,

We both agreed and committed to this arrangement with his mother.
No blame can be put on the husband that doesn't start with me, since I was the one who talked him into it in the first place.

But may I refer you to this post:

He does fine by me. :)