Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What Dreams May Come

Inspired by this post by Boudicca:

I once dreamed that I was riding a school bus along an old route I used to ride in grade school.
At one stop, along with the students, a baby goat got on the bus.
I thought this was odd; a goat on a school bus.
But no one acted like it was odd, so I said nothing and kept on riding the bus.

Later, as the children got off the bus, the baby goat got up and walked off the bus, too.

And then it hit me!
It wasn't odd to have a baby goat on the school bus because...
(no lie, I really dreamed this, I could NOT make this up in a million years)

... it was just another KID!

Sleep well knowing that.


Bou said...

Holy crap! That is really funny!!

Rave said...