Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I'll show YOU! (or maybe not)

Over breakfast, tired of reminding the children to chew with their mouths closed, I decided *I* would also smack loudly with my mouth open while I ate.

We'll just see how they like it. Right?


I was surprised how hard it was to do that!

Smack smack smack!

No one even noticed.
And now my jaw is tired.


jaj said...

I've thought of doing the same thing, but then in my household I'm afraid it would backfire and the boys would think it was gross in a good way.

loria said...

they will learn sooner or later, and you may think later than sooner. But keep on telling them. I use to tell mine that I wouldn't take them to a resturant unless they ate right, and that worked.

vw bug said...

I'm with jaj. I figured it would backfire.

Mrs_Who said...

Record them doing it, and then play it back for them. Sometimes they just don't know how gross they look!