Thursday, December 21, 2006

I screamed for a block and a half and then I felt better

No details.
It was yet another one of these mornings, only swap out the raincoat for a replacement to a broken backpack.
'nuff said.

I was told by my doctor to stop internalizing my frustration because it's causing me some physical pain.

After dropping the children off at school this morning, I screamed for a block and a half.

I talk for a living, yet I chose to scream for a block and a half.

My thoat's a little raw.
But now I feel better.

How was your morning?


oddybobo said...

I have done that. But, I live 40 miles from work, so I've screamed for many of those miles.

cute one said...

i've never tried that, hmmmm, good idea :) i thought of you this morning, saw a licence plate that said ROSSES...ok, so that could be taken as Ross's (as in the name ross) or Roses....and thats how i took it....:) i'm nuts :)

Richmond said...

Good for you, Sweetie. I do so wish cocktail hour worked for you like it does for me... ;)

=HC= said...

I've done that. But I've rediscovered another excellent release - though it's probably more a 'guy thing.'

I chop wood.

There's nothing more gratifying than driving the whole of your weight into an axehead as it buries itself (or better yet - splits through) a log... A little extra fantasy boost - imagine the logs to be the subject(s) of your frustrations and beat the living crap out of them!!

Lemon Stand said...

Screamings good....I do it the kids, at the husband, at the cats, at myself.... :o)

jaj said...

I hope you have a better day today; and yes, screaming is a good release.