Friday, December 01, 2006

Good neighbors

Wednesday we had 50 degrees.
Yesterday, we hit 19 for a high, but the ground was dry.
Today, we have 8 inches of snow.

Wham! Just like that.

The kids have already tried sledding. But it's too deep.
The plows haven't come around because they're busy digging out the main streets first.

I had just finished shoveling our sidewalk when a Jeep came around the corner and got stuck in the middle of the street.
So, I ran over with my shovel and tried to extend a path from her tires to the nearest rut in the road. She slid sideways and into deeper snow. I dug some more. We rocked her vehicle a couple more yards.
A man in a truck pulled up and offered to hook up and pull her out. And while we talked, another neighbor came out with his snowblower.
Being a girl with a shovel, I wished them all well and came inside.

That's where I found my boys watching out the window.
"Look at all the people helping, Mother!"

That's a really nice thing.


Rave said...

I love it when kids notice the little things! I always give them a small 'life lesson' sentence or two when that happens.

How wonderful the neighbors are so neighborly!

Richmond said...

Oh yeah... I measured 12 inches on my patio table.

WxMan bought a snowblower yesterday - no more shovelling for me (I hope)!

Lemon Stand said...

How wonderful!!!

Tink said...

great kids you have there to notice.