Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Vanity Plates

This guy had vanity plates on his vehicle.
I'll never forget his license plate. And I'll be able to recognize him all over town.

I would think that someone with a vanity plate (that's SO easy to remember and relay to the police) should make a point to have impecible driving skills and manners.

Wouldn't you?


loria said...

I personally don't like the "vanity plates". They are easy to spot and why would you do that.

=HC= said...

Actually, I've found that other drivers on the road treat me differently since I put a vanity plate on my pickup... It's a "Sons of Confederate Veterans" plate with "N R A" (to match my "Life-Member" tag for the front of the vehicle) lettering.

For the most part, the drivers around me seem much more courteous when I want to merge, and brief "misunderstandings" in traffic magically dissolve quickly away... And all without so much as the beep of my horn or an angry expression, let alone any hand gesturing. Curiously, this extraordinary level of driver-courtesy does not seem to extend to our other non-vanity tagged vehicle, however.

An example:

Just recently, I was trying to merge into traffic on the Interstate, and an old Chevy Impala in the near lane refused to let me in. Though I was accelerating at a rate that would have put me ahead of them, they stomped the gas to insure they would "beat" me.

I noticed that the car was occupied by a couple of "thug-types", who were driving with their seats fully reclined so they were "hiding" behind the door-posts. The passenger was shaking his hands out the window in an obvious gang-signal of some sort.

As traffic laws, common-sense and courtesy demand, I let them go ahead of me. A few miles down the road, they decided to change lanes in front of me just as I was passing them in the left-lane of the interstate. Mind you, there was nobody else in their (center) lane ahead of them... They just swung their vehicle into the path of mine at the last possible moment so I would have to hit my brakes... hard. I'm assuming they saw me coming and thought it might be amusing to try to slow me down. The same hand-gestures were performed by Gentleman-Passenger again.

I tolerated this for...well an instant, at least. Then I down-shifted and bolted around them on the right and used a similar maneuver to place my vehicle back in front of them. Then, and I can only assume it was upon seeing my tag, they decided the speed limit (which they had been exceeding in an attempt to prevent my passing) was suddenly way too fast for them.

In fact, when I realized they were falling way behind me, I slowed down to 55 (posted speed 65) to let them catch-up. They continued to drop waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy back until they were overtaken by other traffic.

Heh. Those three little letters sure do take a lot of steam out of Road Rage and highway shenanigans... :oD