Monday, August 21, 2006

Return of the Mother-In-Law?!?

(a horror movie sequel)

So, we visit the mother-in-law during our vacation last week.
(The husband's idea of a stellar way to wrap up three days of dragging me around in a tent. Thanks, honey.)

She is unhappy where she is living.

Let's be honest, though...
She would be unhappy anywhere she was living.
Not just me saying that. Each and every one of the husband's siblings has said it as well.

So, we all know where she's coming from.
And now, you do, too.

Okay, having said that...

Just minutes into our visit, she begins telling us how she hates the assisted living facility she lives in. No mincing words. She "hates" it. She is "unhappy" there.
And she tells us how the administration is poorly run.

What she really means is that the administration isn't a pushover to do the things she wants them to do... and they won't do those things her way.
There's really nothing wrong with the place. Mostly, it's just rather boring.
(But it's not like she can't call a cab and do whatever she wants to do...)

We had been warned by the husband's sister (the one married to the perv brother-in-law) that the mother-in-law was fishing around for a way to move back into our house.


Uh, no.

No, no, no.

Not gonna happen.
No way.
No how.

So, when the mother-in-law mentions how much happier she was in our basement, the husband suddenly says to me, "We haven't heard from the kids in a while. Why don't you go check on them."

The kids had been playing in the common area with the TV and games most of this time.
Which means I have to leave the mother-in-law's room and walk down the hall to "check" on them.

Something's about to hit the fan.
And the husband doesn't want witnesses.

More than happy to leave, thank you.

When I do finally return to the room, the husband is calmly counting off on his fingers the really good reasons why the mother-in-law had chosen this facility in the first place. Really *good* reasons.
The layout of her apartment, for one thing.
The location of the place in relation to the rest of her family, for another.

And he told her if she really wants to move, he's happy to move her to whichever facility she finds that she'd rather live in. He'd even start helping her look right away.

He is so smooth.

I asked him later what I had missed while I was out "checking on the kids".
He shrugged and said there wasn't anything. He was pretty sure of what he was going to tell his mother (since his sister had given him the heads up), but he wasn't sure how well it would go over. So, he thought he'd prepare for a fight and cleared me from the battlefield.

What a great guy.


jaj said...

Yay Husband!

Mrs_Who said...

What a great husband you have!!!

Roses said...

Indeed! He is a wonderful, wonderful man!

I chose wisely. :D

Richmond said...

As I said... NO! No nonononononono.... Not even the blog fodder is worth it...

Tink said...

What a wonderful husband.