Sunday, July 16, 2006

Scouting is fun! (still NOT!)


On the hottest day of the summer, there's a scouting event... outdoors... 40 miles away.


It's a mini train ride to a gift/bakery/ice cream store. Sure, I'll go. It sounds interesting.


Oh, so wrong.

1) Half way there, we lose two of the four vehicles caravanning to the train station. Gotta pull over and wait for them to get on track (on track! cause we're going to a train station! ha! that's funny!) and catch up.

2) Nearly there, we pass the gift/bakery/ice cream store we are scheduled to tour. We point and look on the way by. However, the same two vehicles who got lost earlier STOP there and spend about 15 minutes looking around! HELLO!?!
Their little stop-over puts us so far behind schedule that we have to call ahead and ask the train people to hold the train for us.

3) And, just because our group SO deserved it for making everyone wait, the train breaks down. In the middle of nowhere. Not even close enough to the gift/bakery/ice cream shop so we would have something to do with 14 scouts while we waited for the train to be fixed.

And, did I mention it's the hottest day of the summer?



Carter Clark said...

ummm. Fricken hot this weekend! YIKES! minivans, scouting, squirely kids, heat! Priceless, right?

did everyone survive and make it back?

Richmond said...


Roses said...

Yes, we all made it back physically healthy. The emotional scars, however...